Chimp’s Dilemma

No one laughs at me more than me, partially because I’m the only one who thinks I’m funny. Plus, I consider myself little more than a well-trained talking monkey (ape, for you purists). I often have moments where I visualize chimpanzee-me running my errands or doing my chores, a mental image which makes it difficult to take anything I do seriously.

98 percent Chimp

Chimpanzees (and bonobos, genetically as similar to humans as chimps) evolved from a common ancestor within social contexts similar to those experienced by humans. The prevalent Social Brain hypothesis proposes that the evolution of our “large” brains was driven largely by the complexities of functioning within these social environments. Continue reading


Eventually Inevitable

Not that anyone is on the edge of their seat, but I have officially caught up on all the reading for class AND have draft versions of 2 posts (which were due more than a week ago)  I’ll put them up after I eat something & have made sure I don’t sound super dumb. (Too late…)



Vocabulary, grammar, format, and any other of the conditions for proper communication are rules; people made them, and people follow them so they might be understood. Those who fail to do so do so at the risk of being unheard (or improperly understood). Continue reading

C-Span: Born of Fire

German philosophy has never really caught my fancy, but I love British history.  To my delight, Part III of  Jürgen Habermas’s The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere (Strukturwandel der Öffentlicheit) cites the development of post-interregnum Great Britain through the 18th century as the first “public sphere that functioned in the political realm.”

Habermas likes three spawning points for Britain’s transformation: Continue reading

Sue You, Sue Me

So… one of my professors assigned Blown to Bits to be read in 7 days. I am capable of completing this assignment, but believe I will have failed come next class. Anyhoo, for the sake of brevity, I began scanning the TOC and reading sections which sounded tantalizing. Continue reading

Humans Are Nasty

A waiter once sneezed on my plate as he handed it to me. It was embarrassing for him (I’m sure), disgusting to me, and hilarious to my friends.

It’s a classic tye of dilemma, and one that people face quite frequently; someone experiences (sees, hears, smells etc.) something they do not like (e.g. snot, dog poop, farts, Glee) with no opportunity to protect their offended senses. Continue reading