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Being Optimistic

My favorite feel-good quote of the semester:

For us, nostalgia is not only unproductive but also senseless. Things are getting better, not worse.

From 2.0.


Webs We’ve Weaved

While reading through Evgeny Morozov’s critical take on the role of the internet, I came across this ope-ed by Trevor Butterworth for The Daily.

Butterworth’s argument is similar to Morozov’s in this way: the internet is more of a dangerous tool for unruly rulers than a helpful one for democracy-spreaders. He imagines the internet in the hands of the National Socialist Party under Hitler, with an interesting precedent:

…the Nazis didn’t just love technology, they regarded Technik as central to promulgating National Socialism. By 1939, over 70 percent of German households – the highest percentage in the world — had radios…

Churchill vs. Hitler: Scissors beats paper.

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